Digital X-Rays in Flushing, NY

We are proud to be on the cutting-edge of technology at NY Smile Creators. In our state-of-the-art Queens, NY clinic, you’ll find the latest in dental innovations right here in your neighborhood.

Our digital x-ray machine is one of our most relied upon tools, and the technology has come a long way from the days of traditional x-rays.

About Digital X-Rays

The electronic sensors on our digital x-ray machines capture high-quality images and store them for immediate viewing on a monitor in our office. With minimal radiation exposure and a near-instantaneous transfer of data that speeds up the appointment, our patients are as excited about our digital x-rays machine as we are.

The image transfer between the sensors and our systems lets us examine your images immediately, and the high-resolution quality allows us to zoom right in on problem areas and view them clearly.

Digital x-rays are another tool we employ to customize your treatment plan and deliver the highest quality dental care possible.

Why X-Rays Are Important in Dentistry

X-rays provide your dental care team with incredibly valuable information that is not otherwise accessed via a routine oral exam. With both standard and digital x-rays, we are able to clearly see what is going on beyond the gum line. Not only that, but x-rays also give us a better idea about what is lurking around in between your teeth above the gum line.

If there are any problems in your bones, or developing issues in the soft tissues or teeth, x-rays will pick these up. For example, early signs of tooth decay can be detected as this normally shows up as dark spots on otherwise white teeth.

X-rays are essential to comprehensive oral health care. They’re useful for diagnosing dental issues, helping us to design highly customized treatment plans, and they establish a reference point from which we can continually monitor changes and/or progress.

If you have questions or concerns about our digital x-rays at NY Smile Creators, please call us or share your concerns with us at your appointment. As your preferred dental care provider in Queens, we want you to be both informed and confident about the care you receive in our high-tech clinic.

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