Emergency Dentistry In Flushing, NY

Medical and dental emergencies can cause people to panic. How you deal with the situation in the first few minutes is very important. That’s why at NY Smile Creators in Flushing, we want you to be calm and knowledgeable of what to do to salvage a knocked out or damaged tooth. Here are some of the most common dental emergencies we face at NY Smile Creators and how to best deal with them.

Knocked-Out Tooth

If you’re in an accident and knock out a tooth, you should do your best to keep it moist. Putting it back in its socket and softly biting to keep it there is a great option, but one that’s not always possible. Alternatively, you can put it in the inside of your cheek, where it’ll stay moist thanks to your saliva.

On putting it back in its socket or between the cheek and gums, take care not to swallow it. If you’re having trouble keeping it in your mouth, then you can put it in a clean container with milk. There’s no shortage of ways to keep the tooth moist, just find one that works for you.

For a knocked-out baby tooth, keep it moist and bring it to our office so that we can check if the whole tooth fell off or just a part of it. If the whole tooth was knocked-out, we’ll have to see if nothing further needs to be done or we should try and reattach it.

Cracked Tooth

When you crack a tooth, the first thing you should do is rinse your mouth with warm water. To prevent and control swelling, apply ice to your cheek (from the outside). Visit us as soon as possible so we can determine how to repair the damage.

Bite to Tongue or Lip

Accidentally biting your tongue or lip can be very painful, but it’s usually easily manageable. Just clean the area with water and apply a cold compress to limit swelling and inflammation. The pain will subside on its own. You usually won’t need to visit a dentist unless there’s heavy bleeding or severe and continuous pain.

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