Extraction In Flushing, NY

A dental or tooth extraction is the complete removal of a tooth from the jawbone. Tooth extractions are outpatient procedures. For natural extractions, the process may require thirty minutes to complete. More difficult extractions, for instance, when the tooth root is embedded deep in the jawbone, may take longer.

At NY Smile Creators, we offer the options of local anesthesia, general anesthesia, and sedation during extractions. This way, our patients can benefit from a virtually pain-free extraction process, with minimal discomfort.

Reasons for Extraction

Tooth extraction is usually a last resort, as it’s always better to keep your natural teeth. If you come in with a decayed tooth, our dentist will do everything within his power to save the tooth. If the tooth has severe decay that is beyond the point of restoration, then a case for extraction may be tabled.

Dental Extraction Procedure at NY Smile Creators

A dental extraction is a fairly straightforward procedure. Our dentist in Flushing will inject you with the anesthesia of your choice and then proceed to remove the tooth in question using a pair of forceps. In cases where the tooth is impacted, there is a need for the dentist to cut through the gum and bone tissue to reach the tooth.

Once the dentist pulls the tooth out, either as one piece or as several pieces, he’ll place a gauze pad in your tooth socket to stop bleeding. Afterward, our dentist will issue you with after-care instructions and write you an antibiotic prescription to prevent infection, if he deems it necessary.

It’s always better to prevent extractions—as these mean you’re losing your natural teeth. However, if getting a tooth extraction is inevitable, we suggest booking an appointment with a dentist who will put you at ease during the entire procedure. You can find such a dentist at NY Smile Creators in Flushing.

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