Preventive Dentistry In Flushing, NY

Did you know that you can forego costly and invasive dental procedures such as extractions and root canal treatments by taking proactive steps to protect your teeth? Many times, a lot of people wait until it’s too late to see a dentist. Instead of waiting until you’re doubled down in pain from a toothache, you can practice preventive dentistry to preserve your natural teeth. Preventive dentistry refers to dental procedures that aim to maintain the natural state of a tooth as far as the health, aesthetics, and function are concerned. This type of dentistry can be practiced both at home and at the dentist’s office.

NY Smile Creators offers various preventive dentistry services, including dental exams and cleanings, fluoride treatment, oral cancer screenings, and routine x-rays.

Benefits of Preventive Dentistry

At NY Smile Creators, we encourage our patients to take steps to ensure that their natural teeth serve them for as long as is humanly possible. Your teeth are a vital part of your oral and overall health. Taking care of your teeth guarantees their longevity, and ensures that you’ll not need to spend a lot of your money on dental procedures later on. Think of preventive dentistry as an investment in your teeth’s future.

Our dentist in Flushing offers the following as part of the preventive dental care package:

  • Fluoride treatments which strengthen your tooth enamel and prevent chipping, cracking and decay
  • Dental sealants as protection against cavities, especially for the molars and premolars
  • Dental cleanings to eliminate plaque and tartar, the two main culprits behind decay and gum disease
  • Dental exams, which may include oral cancer screenings
  • Mouthguards for the athletically inclined
  • Nightguard prescriptions for those who grind their teeth in their sleep
  • Guidance on proper dental hygiene and counseling on habits that may impact oral health, e.g., pacifier use and thumb sucking in children

When to See Our Dentist in Flushing

When it comes to preventive dentistry appointments, it’s always tempting to procrastinate until the last minute. Unfortunately, what this does is compromise your dental well-being.

At NY Smile Creators, we advise our patients to book dental exams twice a year. During this exam, our dentist will determine if you are at risk for any dental problems and then suggest preventive measures to save your teeth. Regardless of how healthy you believe your teeth are currently, it’s always best to rely on a professional opinion, so give us a call today.

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