Teeth Whitening In Flushing, NY

Teeth whitening is a process that can make your smile brighter and make you less self-conscious. However, the products you have access to in stores are limited to the whitening potential they have. You can opt for a dental-grade teeth whitening procedure that enhances the color of your teeth much more drastically than in-store products, though. At NY Smile Creators, we offer teeth whitening in Flushing. The process doesn’t take long and can tremendously boost your confidence.

Teeth whitening helps make your teeth whiter by removing staining. Teeth whitening near you from a dentist doesn’t just target surface stains; the procedure reaches down past the superficial enamel layer to produce an even brighter white. Although some people experience out of the ordinary results, most people who have teeth whitening at a dentist’s office lighten the shade of their teeth by five to seven shades.

The strength of a product used by our dentist for teeth whitening near you is much more potent than an over-the-counter one. The product consists of a whitening agent like peroxide, which compromises the colored particles on your teeth. Once the colored particles break down, they spread. Ultimately, this makes the discoloration less noticeable.

What to Expect When Getting Teeth Whitening Near You

The procedure can take over an hour. In addition to placing the bleaching agent on your teeth, our dentist may also apply a specialized light on the area. This speeds up the whitening process.

Once the process is complete, our dentist cleans the bleaching solution off your teeth. You may have temporary tooth sensitivity from the whitening solution. Some people state that the whitening agent irritates their gums. Other than these side effects, most people tolerate this procedure well and don’t experience any side effects.

You may need more than one appointment to receive the full benefits. After you receive the desired level of whitening, you can enjoy those results for at least six months. Some of our patients maintain that level of whiteness for up to three years.

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